Corporate Event Planning and How We Can Help

At Richardson Professional Solutions, we help you make more time in your business by providing back-office solutions. One of the many services we provide is Event Management. Here at RPS, we can help with brainstorming, budget/invoicing, venue management, vendor management, risk management, and day-of coordination. We can help with as little or much as you need to help you be successful. No two clients are the same, and neither are your events.

You might be wondering if outsourcing some of your events is for you? Here are five advantages to outsourcing your next event.

At RPS we have certified Project Managers. We are prepared for every eventuality. We know what questions to ask, what is needed when and how long it might take to get things done. We are also extremely organized, meet deadlines and know how to manage a budget. Using us to plan and organize your next event will help you focus on what matters most in your company.

We can also help you save time and money with direct connections to venues and suppliers. We can also help negotiate the best prices based on our relationships and our experience. We will also be able to list out suitable options for locations and support services you might need for any event.

We are creative. We can help you get the wow factor you are looking for whether it be a teambuilding event, conference, or small training workshops. We are up to date on the latest trends in event technology and attendee interactions and the ability to connect you to the right people to help your event run smoother, making things easier for you.

Still unsure? Our team would be happy to connect, talk through things, and help you to decide if hiring RPS to help with your business’ events is the best fit. If so, we would love to become an extension of your team and take that to-do off your plate.

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