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We are generally available during normal business hours EST. Please contact us to schedule a consultation, where we will discuss your scheduling needs.

Absolutely! We even set-up an email signature with your business details, just like any other employee. We are an extension of your team and want it to be seamless to your clients looking in.

Yes, we put an agreement in place to protect both parties. The agreement helps to prevent any confusion as to what we have been hired to do, time frames, our payment terms, what our fee does and doesn’t include, defines confidentiality, etc. If there are any questions later, either party can refer back to the agreement that we both signed.

We try and keep things as simple and as user friendly as possible. Majority of our programs are online applications, however the other computer programs we use you most likely use as well, such as Microsoft Office. Some applications may need to be installed on your end as well to complete specialized tasks and we are happy to assist you with installation if necessary.

Absolutely! We currently work with clients in many time zones. If you have access to a phone and/or email we can help.

It depends on your needs as the client. The services that best fit your needs may be easier to be charged by the hour, on an as-needed basis. Or, your needs may be more project based, which would work out better to be charged at a project rate. Alternatively, we also have retainer packages available for ongoing services such as bookkeeping or social media.

Not at all! We accept clients all over, as long as they have phone and/or email. Although, local clients have the optional “perk” of being able to hold meetings locally rather than just virtually, but not even all of our local clients choose to take advantage of this option.

Email is usually the best way to communicate, however we can stay connected in other ways such as phone calls, text messages, Slack, etc. We like to integrate into the systems you already have in place with your existing team. Virtual meetings are also an option for an added personal touch.  If you operate locally, we may also arrange to meet in-person. Keep in mind that there may be an additional surcharge to cover travel.

While we can certainly make outbound calls on your behalf, we do not provide the traditional receptionist service of taking inbound calls at this time. Exceptions may include previous arrangements being made while you are on vacation.

Reach out to us through our contact page, and we will be happy to schedule a time to chat. At that time, we will get to know one another a little, assess your needs, and see if we are a good fit. We look forward to hearing from you!

We feel that it is time for you to look into outsourcing when the time you spend on administrative demands begins affecting your bottom line. We are happy to assist you with the tasks and projects that are not a good use of your time, when you could be using that time to build your business, travel, or spend time with family.

Thanks to the internet, working virtually has never been easier. You can talk to your virtual consultant through email, chat, telephone, video conferencing, etc. To allow us access to online applications on your behalf, some of our clients use an application such as Lastpass to share the applicable usernames and passwords.

We have hourly rates, project rates, and retainer rates – whatever suits your needs best. Our rates depend on a variety of factors such as the required staff skill level, the length of time, the complexity of the tasks, any advanced materials needed to complete your project, etc.

Shared files will be saved in a cloud-based service such as Google Drive or Dropbox, which allows access to be revoked if needed. Any passwords and/or credit card information will be stored and encrypted using a data manager called LastPass. Any and all other confidential information shared with us will be protected as if it were our own.

Should you require a unique/proprietary software or a package that is less common, it’s entirely possible that we may be unfamiliar with the technology. In that case, you will need to provide training on the particular software, which would be considered billed time.

Because virtual consultants work on an as-needed basis, this can save you money. You only pay for the work completed, while also not incurring additional expenses such as benefits, equipment, or supplies.

We hope to work together as long as it is mutually beneficial, but you can cancel your contract at any time with a 30-day written notice. There is no long term commitment and no cancellation fee. Please note that if you received a discount for a bulk purchase, and are only part ways through the originally agreed upon time frame, you will be charged the difference for the months previously consumed at the discounted price.

You can pay your invoice online with any major credit card or bank payment. If interested, we can even set up recurring billing with automatic payments.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our work and assure you that you will like the finished product, or we will work to make it right. If you feel dissatisfaction, please contact us immediately.

If in the rare event of complete disconnection or power failure, we will communicate with you via email, phone, or text message right away. In times like these, there are often many other tasks that can be completed. In the case of natural disaster or other extenuating circumstances, we will contact you with as much lead time as possible to make alternative arrangements.

We are generally available during normal business hours EST. Please contact us to schedule a consultation, where we will discuss your scheduling needs. 

Our availability is defined by the start date listed in the agreement. Once we begin, we hope to catch on quickly, but there is always an expected on-boarding and orientation period. This is due to us not knowing the “ins and outs” of your business quite yet, as well as other things like your preferences and desired outcomes.

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